Council of Ministers Decisions (29 March 2020)


  1. Education at all schools, nurseries, private tutoring/education centres and etudes will be suspended until 10 April 2020,
  2. All sports, social and cultural activities of schools will be suspended until 10 April 2020,
  3. All gatherings such as at cinemas, theatres, festivals and rallies will be cancelled until 10 April 2020,
  4. All sports competitions will be postponed and rescheduled for after 10 April 2020,
  5. Processing of applications for new work permits of all foreign nationals will be suspended until 30 April 2020,
  6. Public servants, aside from police, health, fire department, civil aviation, finance personnel and personnel providing similar services, will be considered on administrative leave until 10 April 2020,
  7. Private sector venues such as shops, businesses, casinos, night clubs, bet offices, entertainment venues, etc. will remain closed until 10 April 2020. Pharmacies, petrol stations, bakeries, markets and places providing basic necessities and services will remain open,
  8. Pharmacy business hours will be 8:00 am – 1:30 pm until 10 April 2020, and on-duty pharmacies will be open until 1:30 am. There will be an additional on-duty pharmacy in each district and customers will only be allowed inside in groups of 3 or in limited numbers in order to prevent crowding,
  9. Previous Council of Ministers’ decision dated 19 March 2020 (E.T(K-I)453-2020) which suspended, until 1 April 2020, the entry of all foreign nationals besides TRNC citizens and spouses and children of TRNC citizens regardless of whether they themselves are citizens, through all land, sea and air ports has been amended to extend this restriction to 11 April 2020.