60+ Refreshment University

Refreshment University is a very important social responsibility project, which was first established in Turkey in 2016 by Prof. Dr. İsmail Tufan, Head of Gerontology Department at Akdeniz University. University of Kyrenia, which is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading and respected educational institution by making a difference with its quality in its field and responsible approach to its stakeholders, has succeeded in becoming the first and only university in Cyprus and one of the top six universities in Turkey by incorporating the Refresher Program in the 2018-19 Fall Academic Term.

"60+ Refreshment University", which is an important initiative that adds meaning to the concept of active and successful aging with the increase in the average age in our world and in our country, is based on the basic principle that learning and social relations are a lifelong process.

The program, which started with four students in its first semester at the University of Kyrenia, reached 40 students in the Spring 2018-19 Semester.

Compulsory courses are taught by esteemed academics from University of Kyrenia and Near East University and the participants teach some elective courses voluntarily.

The program, which has a rich content, includes medical courses such as internal medicine, gerontology, orthopedics, healthy nutrition, emergency medicine, endocrinology, as well as courses such as culture and arts, interior decoration, yoga, communication and literature. The program, which aims to enable the younger generations studying at the campuses to meet with the students of the University of Kyrenia in the same environment and benefit from their knowledge and experience, is held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the University of Kyrenia's campus in Karakum.