Ethics Committee
General Regulations

Regulatıon On Promotıon and Appoıntment To Teachıng Staff

Support For Encouragıng Scıentıfıc and Artıstıc Actıvıtıes and Publıcatıons

Academic Staff and Academic Administrators Disciplinary Regulation

Continuous Education Centre

Regulation on Promotion and Appointment to Teaching Staff

Laboratory, Clinical, Field Application Principles

Disciplinary Regulations

Aviation and Space Sciences Research and Application Centre Regulation

Faculty of Maritime Management Internship Application Regulation

Departmental Regulations on Academic Organization and Functioning

Regulation on Encouragement and Incentives for Participation in Scientific Activities

Student Dress Code Directive

Summer School Regulations

Aviation and Space Sciences Internship Application Directive

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Application and Research Centre (GÜ-PDRAM) Directive

Make-Up Exam Regulations

Faculty of Dentistry Directive on Undergraduate Degree Education and Examination

Faculty of Medicine Regulation on Undergraduate Degree Education and Examination

Regulation on English Preparatory Program of the School of Foreign Languages

Regulations for Graduate Studies

Medal Regulation

Regulations for Associate and Undergraduate Education and Examinations

Double Major and Minor Programs Regulation

Internal Founded Research, Development and Design Projects Implementation Directive

General Student Discipline Regulations

Student Admission Regulations

Internship Work Directive

Distance Education Applications During Outbreak Period

University of Kyrenia Distance Learning Center (DLC) Regulations

Procedures and Principles For Distance Learning

Award Directive
Uniform Regulation
PCGRC Directive
University of Kyrenia Policy on Quality Assurance