Campus Life
Social Life

One of the most important elements of university life for newcomers and active students is the social life which students should be able to develop on their own. It has been stated by many researchers that interacting with others boost feelings of well-being and reduces feelings of stress which may be caused by academic work load and trying to adapt to a new environment. Therefore, socializing in different environments helps students to build connections that can be useful in the long run and to move beyond the classroom environment.

A perspective focused only on academic development is an obstacle to obtain an opportunity to communicate and socialize with others from culturally diverse backgrounds, which is one of the most important achievements of the university. Our university is aware of this fact and for this reason we are providing social activities for student’s personal and cultural development by supporting their interests.

At the Island:
Beside its historic sites and natural beauties, Northern Cyprus offers opportunities for students to improve their social skills by participating in social activities outside the school which include alternatives such as swimming at clean beaches, surf clubs, paragliding, camping and hiking routes.

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At our University:
Conferences and seminars are part of our support system provided to our students to support their educational and personal development.

An active social life allows you to participate in student clubs where common interests can be shared.

Activities such as picnics, cycling trips and music festivals that provide more productive and enjoyable university life are being carried out. There is also an activity room at our university allowing students to relax and have fun during their free time.

In addition, football, volleyball, and basketball tournaments are held as a part of sport activities. There are different types of student clubs at our university to help our students to adapt to the university life. Students are also free to start their own club to meet their interests and to organize activities related to their clubs. Joining a student club allows you to create an environment to relax and spend time with people who share similar views after a long day of classes.

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Grand Library

A library is one of the most important elements of a successful education.

University of Kyrenia Grand Library is at the service of the students and the people of the region with its modern and equipped 6-storey building on an area of 8,750 square meters.

It has a L.C. classification system, which is adopted by libraries in the USA, Canada and Mexico to allow users to access information quickly.

Kyrenia University Grand Library, which ranks second in Cyprus and first in Kyrenia region in terms of content after Near East University Grand Library, provides users with access to 500 thousand books and 650 million electronic resources.

Providing service to book lovers and researchers by being equipped with the latest electronic and digital technology that meets the necessities of the time, Kyrenia University Grand Library has a 350-person lecture hall, as well as reading rooms, individual and group study rooms, archive and exhibition hall.

The library, which has a seating and study capacity for 250 people in total, provides a comfortable environment for the users.

The modern and well-equipped library of the University of Kyrenia is open to university students and the people of Cyprus between 08:00 and 20:00 on weekdays and Saturdays.

Kyrenia University Grand Library users can also benefit from Near East University’s library facilities.

Number of Subscribed Electronic Journals: 9376
Number of Subscribed Databases: 28

Databases: Kazancı Hukuk, ULAKBİM, EBSCOHOST, CAB Abstracts, Emerald Premier eJournal, IEEE, Hein Online, JSTOR Archive Journal Content, OVID-LWW, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, ScienceDirect Freedom Collection, Scopus, Springer Nature Academic Journals, Springer Nature Nature Journals, Springer Link, Springer Adis, Springer Palgrave Macmillan Journals, Taylor & Francis, WoS-Web of Science, Wiley Online Library, BioMed Central, BMJ Online Journals, Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Dergileri, Kıbrıs Türk Psikiyatri ve Psikoloji Dergisi, Turnitin İntihal Analiz Veritabanı, iThenticate İntihal Aanaliz Programları, Mendeley Referans Yönetim Aracı, OCLS EZProxy Digital

In order to access digital journals and electronic resources, you are kindly requested to get a username and password from the library.

You can access databases with your username and password by using the link:


Dr.Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital
The hospital has been serving since 15 November 2016 with its technological equipment, technical features and experienced staff.

Our hospital is designed in an area of approximately 15.000 m2 which integrates with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and student amphitheatre on campus of University of Kyrenia and in a format to preserve patient and employee health and safety.

With the intelligent hospital automation system installed, patient safety, patient comfort, medical information sharing and security are provided and monitored continuously. Dr.Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia hospital is a fully equipped hospital with a total bed capacity of 150, providing a 24/7 service.

Dr.Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital provides patients with health services at World standards with its outstanding technological equipment and distinguished faculty members and doctors who are experienced in their field.

Dr Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital
Dr.Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital is proud of providing quality service in the field of patient safety and health, since 4 October 2017. The clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry are designed to provide services to the mouth, teeth, jaw health and discomforts with the use of technological equipment, methods and materials which are used in the most developed countries of the World.

Near East University Hospital
Near East University Hospital provides a 24 hour health service by experienced and specialized staff for all students and patients.