General Secretariat

Main Responsibilities of the Secretary General

The General Secretariat consists of a general secretary and affiliated units.

The authorities, responsibilities and duties of the General Secretary are defined as follows.

The General Secretary is the responsible authority of the university administrative units and is also responsible to the Rector for the operation of these units.

The General Secretary, apart from the administrative duties, shall carry out the following duties together with the affiliated units:

  • To ensure that the administrative units in the university work efficiently, regularly and harmoniously. To carry out its duties in line with the provisions of the specified laws and regulations, within the framework of the policies decided by the Board of Directors and the Senate.
  • To organize and supervise the activities of the units affiliated with the ‘General Secreteriat’ and to ensure that the activities are carried out.
  • To carry out all bureaucratic and administrative services of the University through its affiliated units.
  • To establish sufficient staff to fulfill administrative duties in order for the university to achieve the determined goals and objectives.
  • To make suggestions to the rector about the personnel to be hired in the university’s administrative organization,
  • To work as a reporter at the University Senate and the University Executive Board without taking part in voting; to ensure the recording, protection and preservation of the decisions taken in these boards, to carry out the necessary tasks for the determination of the Board and Senate agendas.
  • To deliver the decisions of the University Senate and the University Executive Board to the units affiliated to the university,
  • To ensure that the Press and Public Relations service is carried out.
  • To ensure the organization of protocol, visit and ceremony matters of the Rectorate.
  • To conduct the correspondence of the Rectorate,
  • To perform similar duties to be assigned by the Rector.
  • To provide cultural, sports and health services for students.

Secretary General


Tel: +90 392 650 26 00 / 4420

Affiliated Administrative Units

General Secretary Organization Chart