Dear fellow students,

Welcome to the website of the International Office of the University of Kyrenia (UoK). It is a great pleasure to welcome you and it is also a great responsibility.

A university can never be brought to perfection. But it can improve. And that’s where you come in. You – the students – are the most important part of a university.

Your arrival at the university marks a new chapter in the story of your life. But this chapter is a bit different. The preceding chapters were largely written by others – your parents, guardians, families and teachers. Now you will be the principal author of the next chapter – you have the opportunity to determine the direction. But the great thing is that you are doing something that you have chosen to do, not something that was chosen for you by others. And while you are here at University of Kyrenia, you will have the opportunity to learn new things, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance your personal attributes in profound ways that will equip for life after University. At the same time, you will make new friends who will become your friends for life, with whom you will share memories of your University days for many years to come.

The years as a university-student are formative years. Most of us have experienced that we graduated from university as a different person – more mature, shaped and inspired by new knowledge and friendships. Now it’s your turn to set out on this exciting journey. Please ensure that we will support you on your way. Your academic success and well-being are important to us as it is to you.

One of the main goals of our university is to educate our students as free-thinking individuals with broad horizons to reach their ideals in all academic education and teaching lives. For this purpose, our university, which serves with its young and dynamic structure, brings its students together with activities and projects that will bring difference and innovation in scientific, technological and social fields.

It is again, a delight for me to welcome your decision in considering the University of Kyrenia for pursuing your future goals in life and to say how much I look forward to meeting with you in our university as a member of our amazing family.
Good luck on your journey! Use your opportunities! It starts here today!