Student Affairs: General Student Procedures

The Registrar’s Office team fulfills the following procedures related to students in the framework of regulations relevant to the University and in coordination of academic advisors and faculty secretariats:

  • Admission procedures (New registration)
  • Student Documents (student registration document, transcript etc.)
  • Transfers
  • Immigration (Student residence permit )
  • Military Service Documents
  • Disenrollment
  • Permission / Freezing Registration
  • Preparation of Student ID cards
  • Letter of Applications
  • Graduation Procedures (Graduation Documents / Diploma / Transcript)
  • YÖKSİS for T.R. students (e-government)
  • Archiving all students related documents
  • Tuition fees and payment procedures
  • Registration (new registration, re-registration, disenrollment )
  • Student Affairs Information System (Student Information System) Procedures
  • Preparation of the Academic Calendar