If you are working with an educational agency or one of our regional representatives, please contact them to upload your required documents and fill out the application form in the Application system. Details should be filled in correctly and original required documents listed on admission requirements should be submitted on arrival.

First step: Evaluation of the application
A prospective student applies to the University of Kyrenia by creating a profile using their e-mail address, filling in the online application form, and uploading the required documents through the application system or via our local representative offices. Therefore, our staff will start the evaluation process of your application.

Second step: Issuing Conditional Acceptance Letter
If eligible, prospective students receive a Conditional Acceptance Letter via e-mail or by our representatives.

Third step: Initial minimum payment
The initial deposit payment as stated on the Conditional Acceptance Letter, must be transferred to the University of Kyrenia bank account through your local bank.

Fourth step: Acceptance Letter
After the deposit payment is made, prospective students will receive their Acceptance Letter via e-mail or by our representatives.

Fifth step: Apply for a transit visa (if necessary)
With the Acceptance Letter, prospective students may apply for their transit visa at the nearest Turkish Embassy (if necessary).

Last step: Share your flight details with us in order to pick you up from Ercan Airport
Prospective students book their flights to North Cyprus, Ercan Airport, and inform the International Office of their flight details in order to organize their transportation to the UoK campus.

Our International Office will contact you or your agent shortly after you complete your application.