International Office

Dear students

Welcome to the University of Kyrenia International Office website. It is a great pleasure and at the same time a great responsibility to welcome you.

A university can never be perfect. However, it can improve. You - the students - are the most important part of a university.

Your arrival at the university is the beginning of a new chapter in the story of your life. However, this chapter is a little different. Others - your parents, guardians, families and teachers, have largely written the previous chapters. Now you will be the lead author of the next chapter - you have the opportunity to set the direction. However, the most important thing is to do something you choose, not something chosen for you by others. While at University of Kyrenia you will have the opportunity to learn new things, gain new knowledge, develop new skills and develop your personal qualities in profound ways that will equip you for life after University. You will also make new friends who will become lifelong companions, with whom you will share memories of your university days for many years to come.

The years as a university student are formative years. Many of us have experienced graduating from university a different person, more mature and shaped by new knowledge and friendships. Now it is your turn to embark on this exciting journey. Please be assured that we will support you along the way. Your academic success and well-being are as important to us as they are to you.

One of the main goals of our university is to educate our students as freethinking individuals with broad horizons to achieve their ideals in all their academic education and training lives. For this purpose, our university, which serves with its young and dynamic structure, brings its students together with activities and projects that will bring difference and innovation in scientific, technological and social fields.

It is my pleasure to welcome your decision to consider the University of Kyrenia as a place to pursue your future goals in life and to tell you how much I look forward to meeting you at the University as a member of our wonderful family.

Good luck on your journey! Use your opportunities! It starts here today!

International Office

Vision and Mission

The University of Kyrenia International Office works to increase the recognition of the University abroad and to inform prospective students about the programs, buses and educational services within the University. The International Office is responsible for all processes from the selection of prospective students to their enrollment at the University of Kyrenia.


Our vision is to simplify all the issues of international students of our university, to create an environment of cultural awareness through multicultural activities and to ensure that international students receive support and guidance from enrollment to graduation by implementing effective and lasting solutions.


Our mission is to create the conditions to ensure that all students at University of Kyrenia have an outstanding educational journey from enrollment to graduation. We do our best to stay on top of all issues concerning students and aim to maintain a friendly and understanding relationship with students. We also offer simple procedures and processes that are easy to follow and do not make things more complicated in order to offer convenience to students. On the other hand, we also understand the importance of speed and punctuality in our daily lives. Therefore, we offer quick solutions to our students' problems so that they can continue their academic life without stress.

Main Duties

Coordinating representatives around the world to ensure that our prospective students receive clear information about University of Kyrenia.

Providing direct information about University of Kyrenia to prospective students.

Receiving applications and following up the process.

Directing our international students to the Registrar's Office to follow up their registration.

Helping students who will be staying at our university campus and familiarizing them with other campus facilities.

Providing endless support to our international students.

Participating in educational and professional fairs organized abroad.

Registration Requirements

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Completed application form
  • High School Diploma or equivalent certificates (example: O/A Level, WAEC/NECO)
  • Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL (65 IBT) or IELTS (5.5)
  • "Students without these documents are required to take an English proficiency test upon entry."
  • Scanned copy of international passport.

Master's Programs:

  • Bachelor Diploma
  • Undergraduate degree transcripts for each academic semester/year completed.
  • Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL (65 IBT) or IELTS (5.5).
  • "Students without these documents are required to take an English proficiency test upon entry."
  • Scanned copy of international passport.

Application Procedure

If you are working with an education agency or one of our representatives, please contact them to upload your required documents and complete the application form in the application system. The details must be filled in correctly and the required documents listed in the admission requirements must be submitted.

First step Evaluation of the application

Prospective students apply to the University of Kyrenia by creating a profile using their e-mail address, filling out the application form on our website and attaching the necessary documents to the application system or sending them through our local representative offices. As a result of the application, our staff will start the evaluation process of your application.

Second Step Issuing a Conditional Letter of Acceptance

If eligible, prospective students receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance by email or by our representatives.

Step 3: First payment

The initial deposit payment, as stated in the Conditional Letter of Acceptance, must be transferred to the University of Kyrenia bank account through your local bank.

Step 4: Letter of Acceptance

Once the deposit has been paid, prospective students will receive their Letter of Acceptance via email or from our representatives.

Step 5: Apply for a transit visa (if required)

With the Letter of Acceptance, prospective students can apply for a transit visa at the nearest Turkish Embassy.

Last step Share your flight details with us to pick you up at Ercan Airport.

Prospective students are required to book a flight to North Cyprus Ercan Airport. They should inform the International Office about their flight details in order to organize their transportation to the University of Kyrenia campus.

Our International Office will contact you or your representative shortly after completing your application.