White coat wearing ceremony was held in the nursing department
Date Added: 23 October 2023, 08:32

The “White Coat Wearing Ceremony,” a very meaningful moment for the students of the Department of Nursing, took place with pride and excitement. The ceremony was held at the beginning of the academic year, as it is every year, and it was a day when the responsibilities and moral values of the nursing profession were emphasized to the students. This special moment symbolized that the students are now ready to be a part of the health sector. As white coats represent professional identity and responsibility, therefore, the donning ceremony allowed the students to take a formal step into their nursing careers.

During the ceremony, the students’ families, teachers and friends watched them with pride. After donning their white coats, the students pledged their commitment to their profession and their respect for human health by taking an oath. The white coat ceremony of the Nursing Department was an unforgettable experience for both the students and their families. The ceremony was an event where the sense of solidarity was reinforced, the bonds between new students were strengthened and the foundations of future collegial relations were laid.