Updated Covid-19 Risk Categories and Travel Implementation on 18/09/2020
Date Added: 21 September 2020, 14:37

Decision Taken by the TRNC Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee on 18 September 2020 are as follows:

  1. Quarantine decisions valid until September 20, 2020 have been extended until 01 October 2020 at 23:59.
  2. Students who will enter our country from B and C group countries will be able to enter the country by presenting the negative PCR test result, which is made within 0-120 hours before the boarding date, to the officers when they enter the TRNC. Those coming from countries in group B will stay in quarantine for 7 days, and those coming from countries in group C for 14 days. Students coming to the TRNC due to higher education will also stay in quarantine for free for the periods specified in the quarantine centers to be determined by the state
  3. PCR test will be performed to at the end of their quarantine period (at the end of the 7th day or at the end of the 14th day). If the PCR test result of a person at the end of the quarantine is negative, the quarantine period will be completed.
Country Categories
Category A Category B Category C
Estonia Austria United States
Finland Denmark Brazil
South Korea Ireland Argentina
Liechtenstein Switzerland Serbia
Lithuania Iceland Montenegro
Latvia Japan Portugal
Hungary Poland Luxembourg
Maldives Belgium Romania
Norway Italy India
Slovakia Czech Republic Iranian
Slovenia Monaco Israel
New Zeland Vatican Kazakhstan
Canada San Marino Kosovo
Thailand Rwanda Mexican
Georgia Uruguay Egypt
  China Pakistan
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia
  Singapore Turkmenistan
  Turkey Bangladesh
  Jordan Philippines
  Germany Iraq
  Greece Spain
  Kuwait France
  United Kingdom Bulgaria
  Sweden Algeria
    United Arab Emirates
    Saudi Arabia
    and other countries