University of Kyrenia Professor Belal SHNEIKAT Published in the Service Industries Journal (SIJ), one of the worldwide top-tier service industries journal
Date Added: 30 October 2017, 14:34
Last Updated Date:31 October 2017, 11:46

A paper co-authored by Belal SHNEIKAT, an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Kyrenia, was published in The Service Industries Journal (SIJ), one of the top-tier service industries journals in the world.

The article, titled ‘Syrian Refugees and their re-entry to normality: the role of service industries’, is a contribution to the field of integrating Syrian refugees in Germany and the UK by using service industries approach. The paper analyzed data derived from an exploratory study based on interviews with 26 Syrian Refugees, indicating how they used past experiences and qualifications to obtain employment in the UK and Germany. The paper also described in outline a chronology of escape, reaching Europe, traveling through Europe, and finally accessing a new ‘normality’ through obtaining employment in the service industries or continuing past study. Their stories are used to further theoretical components of resilience and associated concepts of adaptability and overcoming vulnerability.

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The co-author is Professor Chris Ryan from the University of Waikato in New Zealand, Professor Ryan is considered as the best professor in tourism management in the world, he has around 17,000 citations according to Google scholar. He is the editor in chief for the best journal in tourism management (Journal of Tourism Management- listed in SSCI) and editor in chief for Tourism Management Perspectives (Listed in Scopus). SHNEIKAT, is the third co-author for Professor Ryan from the Middle East and Turkey.

Belal SHNEIKAT has a doctorate in Business Administration from Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus and a Master of Business Adinistration from Al Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan and a Bachelor degree in Regional Planning from the same university. Previously, SHNEIKAT taught at three universities in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

SIJ, is listed in the Thomson ISI Social Science Citation Index under Management. It was founded in 1981. Papers published in SIJ are cited more frequently than papers published in most other service industries journals, according to its most recent impact score.