The three art pieces which Artist Kanat Bukezhanov created during the covid-19 lockdown for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts titled as “The Plant and the Pot, Look at the Moon, Parents` Day” is being exhibited
Date Added: 18 June 2020, 09:59

It was announced that making the days count during the covid-19 lockdown, artist Kanat Bukezhanov created three art pieces for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and are now being exhibited for the art lovers` pleasure.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Artist Kanat Bukezhanov`s art pieces tilted as “The Plant and the Pot, Look at the Moon, Parents` Day” are being exhibited.

In the statement made by the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, artists all over the world made their own struggle against the covid-19 pandemic by putting forward their creativities and that they were to continue to do so.

Who is Kanat Bukezhanov?
He was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1967. He is an author and artist. He is influenced by expressionism and situational abstraction art movements. He writes proses for children and adults. Some of his works are titled as “Snow Ball”, “Russian Life”, “Foreign Backyard”; and publishes electronic literature magazines such as the children’s magazine “Pampas” and “Li terra Nova” magazine. He studied in the workshop of the artist from Kazakhstan, GaniBayanov. He thinks that writing and painting are different ways of thinking. He drew noosphere paintings for many years. He participated in the mixed contemporary art exhibition called “Alternative Theses” in Central Asia. He participated in an exhibition dedicated to victims of political oppression in Astana. He constantly organizes personal art exhibitions at the «Ev Q» Theater in Almaty.