“The Effects of Diving” Seminar
Date Added: 24 April 2019, 11:00
Last Updated Date:17 July 2019, 09:56

A seminar about the effects of diving has taken place at University of Kyrenia.

İstanbul Faculty of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Prof.  Akın Savaş Toklu MD., attended the seminar organized by the Faculty of Maritime as a speaker and gave detailed information about the conditions that may affect the nervous system during diving

Deputy Dean of Maritime Studies Faculty Assoc. Prof. M. Fatih Hüseyinoğlu, academicians and students participated in the seminar. Toklu emphasized the different diving types and techniques, the effects of the pressure on the lungs and vessels, the symptoms of diseases, when to use the pressure chamber and what to do in cases of danger.

Prof. Akın Savaş Toklu MD., also explained the importance of first aid in drowning situations and explained with examples of what should be done and not be done.

The seminar took place in an extremely friendly environment which ended with a question and answer session.