Research and Statistics in the fields of Biology and Epidemiology
Date Added: 08 July 2019, 10:59

University of Kyrenia hosted METU Northern Cyprus Campus Economics Program Advisor from the Department of Statistics, Prof. Dr. Ali Cevat Taşıran who presented the seminar titled as the ‘Research and Statistics in the fields of Biology and Epidemiology’.

University of Kyrenia Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Bundak, Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital Head Physician Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner, Physicians from Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital and Dental Hospital, and academicians attended the seminar.

Acting Dean Assoc. Prof. Eser Gemikonaklı presented the opening speech of the seminar organized by the Faculty of Engineering and provided information about the wide range research and studies of Prof. Dr. Ali Cevat Taşıran.

Taşıran started by thanking those who contributed for the organization of the seminar and emphasized the role and importance of statistical studies in the fields of education and health. Prof. Dr. Ali Cevat Taşıran stated that statistics can be used in the future for health care such as preventive medicine. Taşıran, underlined the changes in the technology and gave examples of the work of statisticians in different fields, especially in the field of medicine.

Prof. Dr. Ali Cevat Taşıran continued his presentation with the following titles ‘The need for statistics’, ‘Characteristics of Data Sets’ and ‘Statistical Method and Modelling Courses’.

The seminar ended with the question and answer session. The Vice Rector of University of Kyrenia Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Bundak thanked Taşıran for his speech and presented a plaque.