Industrial Cooperation between University of Kyrenia and Cyprus Turkish Trade Company
Date Added: 11 June 2020, 16:32


Cemalettin Şevli, who is a part-time lecturer at the Maritime Studies Faculty, Marine Engineering Department and also the Director of the Cyprus Turkish Maritime Company, participated as a guest to a program presented on Vira TV by Hakkı Şen.

Şevli and Şen at the beginning of the program emphasized on examples of the improvements on maritime during the recent years in Turkey.

Cemalettin Şevli talked about his personal career including his experiences as the Director of the Cyprus Maritime Company, and reminded that Cyprus offers different opportunities for education and underlined that maritime has an important place in this field. In this framework, Şevli stated that he personally teaches at University of Kyrenia Faculty of Maritime Studies to contribute to the education within his field.

Cemalettin Şevli noted that they as the Turkish Cypriot Maritime Company they are evaluating the demand for industrial cooperation from University of Kyrenia and are cooperating to sign a protocol. Şevli emphasized the importance of practice, by mentioning his own personal experiences. He also stated that they consider cooperation important for all students.

Şevli described the training ship of University of Kyrenia is also a very important factor. He said that a solution has been obtained partially through the Chamber of Shipping in order to overcome the problems experienced due to the obligation of student internship which should be carried out on ships with a certain capacity on the open sea, but yet it should spread over a larger area.

At the end of the program Hakkı Şen thanked Şevli for his participation who also explained the maritime sector within TRNC, the work done for the development of shipping, the arrangements made by Turkey, the strategic importance of Cyprus and the recent developments in East Mediterranean and the planned projects within field of tourism.

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