‘Hypnosis Practices and Communication in Dentistry’ seminar has been held
Date Added: 24 February 2020, 12:48

The seminar on ‘Hypnosis Practices and Communication in Dentistry’ was organized under the leadership of the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Kyrenia.

President of Ankara Medical Hypnosis Association Dentist Murat Uslu attended the seminar held on 21st of February 2020 as a speaker.

Dean of UoK Faculty of Dentistry and Chief Physician of Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner, along with the academic staff as well as 2nd and 3rd year students attended the seminar which attracted great attention.

“Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner: Dentophobia is observed in one out of every 6 people ”
Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner stated that one of the biggest problems that dentists face is patient anxiety and according to research, one in every 6 people has dentophobia. Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner explained the work and book of Dentist Murat Uslu, who is an expert in hypnotic therapy.

“President of Ankara Medical Hypnosis Association Dentist Murat Uslu: Hypnosis is not a cure, it is a tool, it is a communication language”
The President of Ankara Medical Hypnosis Association Dentist Murat Uslu started his speech by thanking Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner and Asst. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Yenen for inviting him to the seminar. He explained how he developed his interest in hypnosis technique and the trainings he has completed within this field.

Uslu stated that dentists should take 160 hours of training and physicians should take 200 hours of training in order to apply hypnosis used in different areas from phobias to pain relief, anesthesia to teeth grinding.

Dentist Murat Uslu said that hypnosis which is not a treatment method but an instrument and a form of communication which can be legally performed in Turkey and gave examples of his work.
Uslu expressed how hipno anesthesia can be used, the international studies and collaborations, the international rules, the differences between classical hypnosis and Erickson hypnosis, and also expressed the effects of the application on the patient.

Dentist Murat Uslu, who performed a short hypnosis practice by including the participants; specifically underlined the concepts of communication, interaction and change.

Uslu explained the keys of communication and how the problems that might be encountered can be overcome and also said that: ” In the dentistry practice if the correct communication with the patient is established, if a positive result is observed in the direction of the target and it is effective then it means that the hypnosis has achieved”.

After the break in the second part of the presentation, Dentist Murat Uslu gradually conveyed his experiences with his patients, the treatment methods varying from person to person and age groups with detailed examples with videos and visuals, which attracted the attention of the participants.

Prof. Dr. Serap Çetiner presented a plaque by thanking the President of the Ankara Medical Hypnosis Association Dentist Murat Uslu, who answered the questions at the end of the seminar.