GÜDENMER organized an online seminar titled as the ‘Mediterranean Politics after Covid -19’
Date Added: 01 June 2020, 13:46

An online seminar titled as the “Mediterranean Politics after Covid-19” was organized by University of Kyrenia Maritime Center GÜDENMER on Friday, 29 May 2020, with the participation of Cem Gürdeniz.

GÜDENMER President Captain Enver in his opening speech stated that TRNC is facing difficulties in the field of maritime compared to other countries due to the political position .

He introduced the speaker of the seminar an admiral upper half Cem Gürdeniz who coined the term Blue Homeland.

Güreniz started his speech by expressing his satisfaction for the invite from University of Kyrenia and GÜDENMER, and also explained the developments in Turkey and around the world after the period of the covid-19 outbreak.

During his speech Cem Gürdeniz metioned the stages of the Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean politic in parallel with the political developments in the region.

Gürdeniz also explained the importance of TRNC to Turkey by giving examples and metioned the latest arguments on Blue Homeland term and the agreement that signed between Turkey and Libya.

Gürdeniz also stated that the negative economic impacts of the pandemic process should not affect the Eastern Mediterranean policy.

At the end of the online seminar, GÜDENMER President Captain Enver summarized the developments in the region since the Annan plan and thanked Gürdeniz for attending the seminar.
The online seminar, which has been viewed by academics and students ended with a question and answer session.