Decisions Taken On The 9th Of June At The Faculty Directory Board Meeting
Date Added: 11 June 2020, 10:07

The decisions taken on the 9th of June at the Faculty Directory Board meeting:

  1. Resit exams will be done in between 15th of June – 22nd of June. Students who want to take resit exams must submit a petition to the dean’s office.
  2. Graduation homeworks and project presentations will be done during 23 – 24th of June. Students who are willing to do presentation must submit their graduation homeworks/projects to their supervisors prior to these dates and must get an approval form the supervisor.
  3. Resit exam will replace the recent quiz. If the recent quiz evaluated below 30% of the final success situation, it will replace the last two quizzes.
  4. Students who are willing to enroll a summer school course must demand it by a petition form filled and send to the dean’s office.