2023-2024 Academic Year Fall Semester Transfer Applications Started
Date Added: 07 July 2023, 15:23
Last Updated Date:25 July 2023, 10:28

Students will be accepted to University of Kyrenia associate and undergraduate programs through horizontal transfer within the scope of the "Regulation on the Principles of Transfer Between Associate and Undergraduate Programs, Double Major, Minor and Credit Transfer Between Institutions in Higher Education Institutions".

Application and Evaluation Calendar :

Application Date: July 1 - September 1, 2023

Deadline for Announcement of Results: September 5, 2023

Contact:  gokce.info@kyrenia.edu.tr

Documents required for application:

  • OSYM Placement Certificate and OSYM score report
  • Student certificate
  • Transcript
  • Course Contents
  • Document indicating that there is no disciplinary penalty (If this statement is included in the Transcript or Student Certificate, it will not be requested from the candidate)
  • A photocopy of passport or identity card
  • A document stating that there is no obstacle to transfer
  • A petition for the Student Affairs Diroctorate written on A4 paper and signed, indicating the
    program applied.

Detailed information can be obtained from the Transfer Procedures page.

Note: 'Transfer' applications of students from the Republic of Turkey are accepted within the framework of YÖK legislation. Please visit http://yok.gov.tr for detailed information.