University of Kyrenia Completes First Phase of TUBITAK Project
Eklenme Tarihi: 19 Kasım 2015, 16:45
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TRNC stage of the marine research project code numbered 114Y139 and titled “Exploring the Anthropogenic and Natural Changes on Marine Ecosystem of Cilicia Basin (Between TRNC-Turkey)”, which is supported by TUBITAK and directed by Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu, Acting Rector of University of Kyrenia, has been carried out and completed by the research ship TEAL Jr.

According to press info released by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of University of Kyrenia, the aim of the project, of which directed by Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu, Acting Rector of University of Kyrenia, is to explore the anthropogenic and natural changes on marine ecosystem of Cilicia Basin which takes between TRNC and Turkey. The project aims to understand the hydrodynamic structure of the area better and evaluate the current findings with the previous ones comparatively in order to find out the interaction of biochemical and ecosystem dynamics with the physical structure; to investigate effects of interaction process between atmosphere-sea-land on ecosystem structures; to determine the relative effects of anthropogenic and natural variables on ecosystem structure; investigating the biologial variants and biotope structures throughout the coastal line; deciding on the “reference conditions” for “good environmental status” on shores and in open waters, and to investigate the current state of the pelagic fish biovarieties and biomass. The first phase of the project directed by University of Kyrenia and cooperated by TRNC Livestock Department of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Energy, TRNC State Laboratory of Ministry of Health, and Erdemli Marine Sciences Institute of Middle East Technical University.

Girne Üniversitesi TÜBİTAK Projesinin İlk Aşaması Tamamlandı (2)

Autumn measurements which are the first stage of the project have been completed with TEAL Jr…

Within the scope of the first stage of the project carried out by the research ship of University of Kyrenia, TEAL Jr, which was equipped for oceanographic research, the autumn measurements including physical, chemical, biological, geochemical and ecological features from the surface of sea to the seabed were carried out at 11 stations taking place on the shores of TRNC and in open sea. Other phases of the research and measures which were to be conducted out of the borders of shores and territorial waters of TRNC were concurrently carried out by R/V BİLİM which belongs to METU Marine Sciences Institute within the scope of DEKOSIM studies. In this respect, a synoptic oceanographic joint research was first time carried out concurrently by directors of project and researchers from universities of TRNC and Turkey. The measurement studies will be carried out jointly and concurrently every season during the project period of 36 months .

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Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu: “We are much pleased for the contributions that we will make with the Project for both Kyrenia Town and human life”

Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu, Acting Rector of University of Kyrenia and Director of the Project, made a statement about the issue and withdrawing attention to importance of the research, said “University of Kyrenia having been aware of the importance and position of Kyrenia Town in tourism sector, has started monthly programs to spot the possible negations that may arise due to human factors and come up with necessary warnings in time, and the first of the measurement series of this study was conducted on 13 November 2015. In this respect, we started to measure the values from the coastal line of Kyrenia and went offshore up to six miles, taking measures at every mile. The measures varied from the surface of the sea down to the deep seabed, and the variants that indicate to the health condition of the sea water have been measured. After analysing these variants, the results will be shared with the relevant state departments and with our people.”. Prof. Dr. Salihoğlu, emphasizing that the university not only gives utmost importance to educate its students, but also gives utmost importance to contribute to public life, said “We are much pleased to realize a first in TRNC. The contribution that the Project will add to tourism sector of TRNC is clenching our happiness. We will always produce and conduct such projects in order to contribute to human and environmental life and health as this is our ultimate mission.”