Tourism professionals, chefs and cooks of the future are trained at Dorana Hotel and Park Palace Hotel
Date Added: 14 November 2022, 14:11

A protocol was signed between University of Kyrenia, Dorona Hotel and Park Palace Hotel in order for the students of the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts of the Faculty of Tourism of University of Kyrenia to practice their skills.

At the protocol signing ceremony held at the University of Kyrenia Rectorate building, University of Kyrenia Rector Prof. Dr. İlkay Salihoğlu and Hotels Manager Ergin Doğan signed the protocol to implement a new project that will add value to tourism. The ceremony was also attended by the dean and faculty members of the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.

With this new protocol, the applied courses of the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts of the University of Kyrenia Faculty of Tourism will be held in the classrooms and laboratories of the University, while the main kitchen applied trainings will be held in one of the hotels included in the protocol.

Since the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts aims to train chef candidates to have the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills as well as the ability to recognize and prepare local and world cuisines that can compete on national and international platforms, to work as senior managers in the food and beverage sector, to gain the skills to analyze the relationship of the kitchen with other disciplines as well as being able to cook, University of Kyrenia students will have the chance to experience high service quality with a modern hotel management approach, while they will be able to carry out their internships in the most efficient way, do applied courses and benefit from part-time work opportunities with this protocol.