The List of Students Who Will Take The Proficiency Test
Date Added: 19 September 2018, 12:51

The list of students who will take the Proficiency Test on Thursday 20th September 2018:

The test will take place at 9.30 in Rooms 4101 and 4102.

K20180053 K20180422
K20180167 K20180235
K20180279 K20180186
K20180138 K20180366
K20180263 K20180058
K20180450 K20180248
K20180253 K20180041
K20180017 K20180442
K20180131 K20180057
K20180455 K20180397
K20180354 K20170083
K20170590 K20170536
K20170387 K20170648
K20170077 K20170623
K20170023 K20170290
K20170272 K20170632
K20170293 K20170424
K20170009 K20170499
K20170512 K20170557
K20170517 K20170428
K20170644 K20170572
K20170651 K20170253
K20170570 K20170690