The Foundation English Programme – The English Placement Test – Exam Rooms
Date Added: 13 September 2018, 12:47

The Placement Test will take place at 9.30 on 18th September 2018 Tuesday in the following rooms:

ROOM 4101 ROOM 4102 ROOM 4103 ROOM 4104
K20180349 K20180231 K20180109 K20180105
K20180343 K20180106 K20180267 K20180095
K20180434 K20180193 K20180442 K20180167
K20180320 K20180233 K20180287 K20180131
K20180387 K20180402 K20180225 K20180078
K20180422 K20180017 K20180338 K20180176
K20180048 K20180416 K20180188 K20180019
K20180447 K20180439 K20180235 K20180397
K20180021 K20180040 K20180170 K20180289
K20180053 K20180139 K20180424 K20180057
K20180026 K20180058 K20180366 K20180212
K20180043 K20180446 K20180005 K20180279
K20180425 K20180393 K20180169 K20180044
K20180208 K20180056 K20180009 K20180142
K20180144 K20180390 K20180368 K20180077
K20180013 K20180232 K20180285 K20180357
K20180218 K20180430 K20180008 K20180015
K20180308 K20180394 K20180253 K20180027
K20180237 K20180020 K20180159 K20180041
K20180315 K20180196 K20180303 K20180101
K20180292 K20180138 K20180118 K20180110
K20180246 K20180248 K20180047 K20180186
K20180322 K20180001 K20180270 K20180206
K20180419 K20180378 K20180045 K20180263
K20180354 K20180450 K20180452 K20180455