Symbol writers of the Turkish Cypriot Community at the Walled City Museum with their bronze busts…
Date Added: 01 February 2021, 08:10

The Walled City Museum, which stands out with its mission to transfer the Turkish Cypriot culture to future generations in a wide array from literature to history, and considers this mission as the most important purpose of its existence, has added bronze busts of the symbolic writers of the Turkish Cypriot Community to its sculpture collection.

Among the writers whose busts have been made, novelists, poets, story writers, historians and cultural researchers stand out. With the project, contemporary representatives of Turkish Cypriot literature and history and master writers who have turned into historical symbols will come together at the Walled City Museum. Although their names are not disclosed for now, the “writers sculpture collection”, which will include seven authors, poets and researchers at the beginning, will continue to grow by enriching over time with the addition of new names.

Thus, our writers, who left their mark on the Turkish Cypriot community, will live at the Walled City Museum with their bronze busts. The works of Turkish Cypriot authors who contribute to Turkish Cypriot literature, history and culture will be presented to researchers and enthusiasts in a special area to be created in the Near East University Grand Library. The busts of the authors, as well as their books, documents and items will be exhibited at the Walled City Museum.

Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul: “We will bring together our writers who left their mark on the cultural memory of the Turkish Cypriot community with future generations.”
Stating that their most important priority as the Walled City Museum is to record the Turkish Cypriot culture and history and bring them together with future generations, Near East Museums Department Director Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul said, “We want to immortalize our writers, one of our greatest cultural wealth, as the symbol to emphasize that we shall always exist in this land and move forward with firm steps towards the future.”

Stating that they will soon announce some of the names to be included in the collection to be created, Prof. Dr. Özkul said, “We started the production of busts of the names determined for the first phase at the Near East Sculpture Workshop.” Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul said that one of the aims of the project is to bring to light the messages that our writers give to the Turkish Cypriot community in their novels, poems, theater works, stories and researches, and to convey their ideas to future generations.