Summer School Course List
Date Added: 29 June 2020, 16:15

The list of courses for the 2019/2020 Summer Semester is as follows: The Faculty of Maritime Studies, Maritime Academy and the Maritime Vocational School are listed below.

Course Code Course Name
SAF213 Maritime Safety III
NAV102 Navigation II
SAF102 Maritime Safety II
MEL201 Introduction to Marine Electronics
NVG325 Navigation V
MEN401 Maritime English II
MMC403 Maritime Economy
MMC402 Ship Chartering and Brokering
NRC201 Ship Construction
SEA102 Seamanship II
MPH101 Physics for Mariners I
MPH102 Physics for Mariners II
MED409/MED209 Maritime English II
MED104 Diesel Engines I
MEC204/TMD204 Dynamics
MED207/TMD207 Thermodynamics I
MTH102 Calculus II
MTH112 Linear Algebra
MTH201 Differential Equations