Student Help Desk – University of Kyrenia
+90 392 650 26 00

Student Help Desk

We are pleased to announce that a Student Help Desk has now been set up at our university. The Help Desk, which is located at the entrance to the cafeteria, aims to ensure effective and efficient communication with students. It is dedicated to increasing student satisfaction with the university by providing prompt and clear responses to student questions and, if necessary, referring them to the relevant Academic/Administrative units. The help desk provides students with guidance on any issues they may face, including problems arising from student absenteeism. The Helpdesk is open from 8.30 to 16.00 every day. Also, a Suggestion Box is available at the Helpdesk to collect student requests, questions and comments. Faculty coordinators, who are in charge of the Help-desk, will consult with the Deans and report to the Vice-Rector on a daily basis about student problems. The help desk connects students to the university administration, as well as providing them quick on-the-spot help whenever they are in need of Academic, Administrative, Social and Psychological support.