Student Clubs have been established inUniversity of Kyrenia
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Comprising over a 1000 students from 37 different countries, it was revealed that student clubs had been established at the University of Kyrenia, aiming to provide the students a spot socialising beyond their departments of study, providing clubs ranging from Aviation Club to Chess Club…

A wide variety of student clubs have been established…

According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of University of Kyrenia, the students of the university got together to establish the student clubs according to their interests and that the student clubs were to function under the General Secretarial of University of Kyrenia, proving a wide range of clubs ranging from socio-cultural clubs to sportive clubs.

Some of these clubs were expressed to be: Aviation Club; Social-Media Club; Outdoor Recreation Club; Basketball Club; Chess Club; Modern-Dance Club; Hiking Club; Maths Club; Water-Sports Club; Maritime Club; Sailing Club; Literature Club; and Classical-Music Club.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hürmüs Refiker: “Being a part of student clubs can be regarded as making an investment to the future!”

General Secretary of University of Kyrenia Üniversitesi, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hürmüs Refiker made a statement regarding the matter and has expressed the significance of being a part of student clubs at universities, providing a medium for them to get-together with other students and develop their socialisation abilities. She further emphasised that university years should not be merely spent developing oneself within the chosen filed of study but rather spent by being a part of other mediums; to develop one’s social skills since these are essential skills needed as soon as the career life has been initiated.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hürmüs Refiker said: “Besides considering the educational background of someone, employers also consider if the individual has taken part in clubs such as the ones established at the University of Kyrenia. In fact, those who are considering to pursue their postgraduate studies in Europe or in America need to bear in mind that being member of student club(s) is one of the main criteria of acceptance to universities. Additionally, friendships made at these clubs creates further opportunities in future lives of students, which could all be considered like an investment made to the future!”