“Stay at Home” Reach Information…Near East University Grand Library has opened its Electronic Resources which Exceed 650 Million to Public with Free Membership
Date Added: 10 April 2020, 07:00

Near East University Grand Library has opened up its 650 million electronic resources for free public use with online membership due to these extraordinary and uncertain times we are all living due to Covid-19.According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, during times of struggle against the coronavirus pandemic the Near East University Grand Library has opened online free membership to its electronic resources so as to enable book lovers and researchers to access information remotely, free of charge. Accordingly, people who have become members of the NEU Grand Library will be able to search the electronic databases that the library is a member of, access journals, articles and research, and conduct a book research.

The library has access to 650 million electronic resources from all over the world with more than 60,000 electronic journals which all together offers a wide variety of access to information. As Cyprus’ first and only library open 7/27, Near East University Grand Library proudly announces that it comprises more than 2,200,000 books.

How to become a member
You are required to send an e-mail to library@neu.edu.tr in order to get free access to the Near East University Grand Library databases. By this way, you will be provided a username and a password which you will be able to use to easily access the electronic databases of the Near East University Grand Library.

Access to Corona Virus Updates
In addition to the above, NEU Grand Library also has membership to UpToDate Corona Virus and Brill Covid-19 collection until 30th April 2020.

Tümer Garip: “Due to the coronavirus pandemic which requires people to stay indoors, Near East University Grand Library will be at public service free of charge”
Making a statement regarding the matter, Tümer Garip stated that during the new coronavirus outbreak, which threatens us all globally, they have decided to offer the Near East University Grand Library electronic resources for the service of the public; especially during a time when people are required to stay indoors unless they need to get essential supplies. He pointed out that with the decision taken by Near East University authorities, over
Million electronic resources are offered to the public via free membership online. Furthermore, Tümer Garip explained that thanks to the 650 million electronic databases of the NEU Grand Library, it is possible to access information anytime- anywhere via the Internet. Tümer Garip said: “Public and social life restrictions are on the agenda in countries affected by the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), and during times of struggle against COVID-19 we have decided to open our e-resources to the public for free. We have a very rich content in terms of both book archive and digital document collections to reach all kinds of information and resources during the “Stay at Home” days, and thus, we provide easy access to many online resources. As we all know, Near East University Grand Library has the most comprehensive information access and is a cultural centre at international standards and offers service to public in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In fact, as one of the world’s leading university libraries, Near East University Grand Library is always ready to offer all its resources to service in line with the information needs of the society. We are determined to continue our efforts in line for the benefit of the community in a time when it is most needed by providing free online membership during the Covid-19 pandemic.”