Social Media Talks Week 2 Schedule
Date Added: 12 May 2020, 14:19
Last Updated Date:16 June 2020, 15:08

We are preparing special series of live broadcasts for you on our social media.

18:00 Tuesday 12th of May – Assist. Prof. Dr. Hakan Evren
What is Covid-19? Protection and Treatment Methods, Scientific Committees COVID-19 Efforts, Pandemics Management and Normalization Strategy

18:00 Wednesday 13th of May – Assist. Prof. Emete Toros
International Relations, Global Economy and Tourism after COVID-19

18:00 Thursday 14th of May – Prof. Dr. Ruveyde Bundak
Promo Days Special

18:00 Friday 15th of May – Prof. Dr. Suleyman Tolun
Promo Days Special