Police Authorities Presented a Cultural Adaptation Seminar Including Important And Advisory Information for New Students At University of Kyrenia
Date Added: 19 October 2017, 13:30

TRNC Police Authorities informed freshers during the Cultural Adaptation seminar as part of the University Of Kyrenia Orientation Days, which started on September 11, 2017 and ended on October 20. The seminar was presented by Chief Inspectors Kerem Kadimoğulları and Adnan Berkay, Inspectors Omaç Volkan and Haydar Karabacak and Interpreter Police Officer İsmet Pekri.
During the seminar Chief Inspector Kerem Kadimoğulları gave information about legal subjects, Inspector Omaç Volkan about narcotic topics, Inspector Haydar Karabacak about immigration topics and Chief Inspector Adnan Berkay about traffic subjects.

Turkish-English translation was provided during the seminar and authorities underlined the legal regulations and behaviors which considered a criminal offense in TRNC. In the interactive seminar, TRNC Police Authorities explained that laws in TRNC differ from Turkey and other countries and ended the seminar by answering the students’ questions. Vice Rector Prof. Gökmen Dağlı thanked the police authorities for their valuable contributions.

Orieantation Days Will Countinue Until The 20th Of October
Orientation Programs that started with the “Welcome and Pick-Up Service” at Ercan Airport and Kyrenia Harbour between 21 August-30 September , continued with city tours organized with the aim of introducing Northern Cyprus and helping freshers for easier adaptation will end on 20thof October with International Student’s Day .