Placement Test
Date Added: 05 October 2020, 09:23

The test starts at 09.30 on 5th October 2020, Monday.

Click on the link sent to your email to enter the virtual exam room.

  • Turn on your camera and be prepared to present your ID to the invigilators.
  • Make sure you have your CAMERA ON during the exam.
  • The exam will be recorded.

The link for the exam website is

  • Log in to by clicking “log in” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Write “username” and “password” then click the “log in” button.
  • Click on the “English Proficiency Test” text under the “Course Categories”
  • Click on the “English Proficiency Test” text once again.
  • In the course, you will see Placement Test 05.10.2020. Click on it and then start the exam by clicking “attempt now”.
  • Do not click on “attempt now” before 09.30. If you click early, you cannot see the exam.
  • The exam is 75 minutes long and it closes at 11.00. If you are late, you can take the test, but you will not be given any extra time.

Please contact for enquiries.

İsim Soyisim Numara esinav kullanıcı adı esinav şifre Sanal Sınıf Bağlantısı
1. Ahmet Çiğdem K20200023 mevcut mevcut
2. AHMET FURKAN LAZ K20200494 mevcut mevcut
3. ARDA YAĞIZ ATEŞ K20200348 ardayagız.ates ardayagız.ates
4. ARZU SARI K20200480 mevcut mevcut
5. Bahriye Ersev K20200009 mevcut mevcut
6. BARIŞ AKGÜL K20200077 mevcut mevcut
7. CEYDA ŞİMŞEK K20200469 mevcut mevcut
8. EBRU GÜNEŞ K20200261 mevcut mevcut
9. EGEMEN EMİRDAĞI K20200500 mevcut mevcut
10. ELİF SENA GÜRBÜZ K20200365 elifsena.gurbuz elifsena.gurbuz
11. HATİCE AYATA K20200330 mevcut mevcut
12. KADRİYE ARTIK K20200087 mevcut mevcut
13. MELTEM ÇİFTSÜREN K20200360 meltem.ciftsuren meltem.ciftsuren
14. MUSTAFA ERHAN TOKER K20200175 mevcut mevcut
15. MUSTAFA YANKI KALELİ K20200406 mustafayanki.kaleli mustafayanki.kaleli
16. MÜGE BAYRAKTAR K20200279 mevcut mevcut
17. NURULLAH AZBOY K20200450 nurullah.azboy nurullah.azboy
18. ÖMER ÇABUK K20200345 mevcut mevcut
19. QURAT UL AIN K20200538 quratul.ain quratul.ain
20. Sinem Dalioğlu K20190036 mevcut mevcut
21. Halil İbrahim Sertel K20200243 mevcut mevcut