Painted by the Kazakh Artist Andrey Orazbayev for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, three art pieces titled “Sakura”, “The fur of the celestial fox” and “Time Mirror” were presented to the taste of art-lovers
Date Added: 06 July 2020, 10:43

Artist Andrey Orazbayev created three art pieces for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts during the lockdown days due to COVID-19 pandemic. These three distinguished artworks that reflect the extraordinary art vision of the artist were presented to the taste of art-lovers under the titles of “Sakura”, “The fur of the celestial fox” and “Time Mirror”.

Artist Andrey Orazbayev stated that the inspiration source of his painting Sakura was the lines “Like cherry blossoms on distant mountain slopes, I saw you only a moment and you stayed in my heart” written by Ki Tsurayuki, a well renowned poet from Japan, in a traditional form of Japanese poetry Haiku.

Artist Orazbayev defines his work “Time Mirror” with these words; “Time is a basic feature of existence that destroys everything. Thousand years later, only imaginary images of what actually happened remain, shadows of the past remain in the mirror of time.”

Artist Orazbayev’s other work titled “The fur of the celestial fox” was inspired by the Aquarium rock group song which compares the fog over the river with the fur of celestial fox.

Who is Andrey Orazbayev?
He was born in Pavlodar in 1963. He graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Pavlodar Industrial Institute. He studied at the Graphic Designer School, Department of Graphic of the Omsk State Pedagogical Institute. He is a member of the International Russian Artists Association and the Artists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1994, the avant-garde artist participated in the exhibition titled “New Steppes” in Pavlodar. He is known as a performance artist working in the fusion style and theater performance of fine arts.