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Maritime Courses of the University of Kyrenia Continue

According to the press info released by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of the University of Kyrenia, as the continuation of the education provided by the Faculty of Maritime Studies, certificate programs, which are required for Seafarers, will be carried out in accordance with the criteria of the TR Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication.

Those, who registered in the certificate programs and achieve success, are given a total of 42 certificates approved by the TR Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication.

According to the info delivered by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Atunç, Dean of the Faculty, 37 items of 42 programs are courses designed for maritime students registered in Department of Deck and Department of Marine Engineering. Students are required to enroll these courses and achieve success certifications which ensure that they have acquired acceptable standards of skills and competence to perform the required tasks on board ships. Certified students can take up tasks on board ships as captains and engineers.

Students are required to complete the certificate programs successfully. Successful students are granted with certifications. Some certifications are a “must” for them in order to take up careers as professional seafarers. Those who fail in certificate programs can’t complete their education and can’t take up professional tasks until they are deemed eligible to be certified. To this end, in order to provide registration opportunities, certificate programs are offered on regular basis.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Altunç highlighted that they offered certificate programs not only for students but also for public. He stated that certificate programs such as Yacht Captain (499 CT) Course, Greaser Course, Navigator Course, ECDIS and GMDSS limited Radio Operator Course are available for public as well. There is an intense demand on Yacht Master (499 GT) Course. The continuation of aforementioned courses would be held in March 2014. Applications for registration can be submitted in January and February.

The need for qualified seafarers is rapidly increasing in the maritime sector both in Turkey and the world. In order to meet the requirements of the sector, the Faculty of Maritime Studies of University of Kyrenia is committed to providing the highest quality education and training so as to produce devoted seafarers with leadership qualifications and global awareness. The Faculty aims to produce the highest quality licensed officers and other personnel for the merchant marine and national/international maritime industries. The Faculty is also dedicated to contributing to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. In order to achieve a sustainable excellence in education, The Faculty of Maritime Studies of University of Kyrenia continuously and regularly updates its courses and certificate programs and implements the most outstanding teaching and training methods in the field of maritime studies.