“International Social Research and Development Symposium”, organized in cooperation with Near East University and University of Kyrenia, brought together the world of science and non-governmental organizations
Date Added: 11 December 2023, 11:21

The “International Social Research and Development Symposium” organized by the Near East University Social Research and Development Center was held at the University of Kyrenia Seminar Hall.

Near East University Social Research and Development Center brought together the scientific world and non-governmental organizations, aiming to create a cooperation environment for projects covering a wide range of issues related to women, disabled people, children, elderly, and young people. During the symposium, which was open to the public and free of charge, the themes “Women, Children and Disability: Social Life Panel”, “Inter-Institutional Cooperation within the Scope of Quality Life and Sustainable Development Goals” and “Women’s Entrepreneurship and Social Life Panel” were discussed.

The symposium was realized with intense participation as well as University of Kyrenia Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Bundak, University of Kyrenia 60+ Refreshment University Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emete Toros, Dean of Near East University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Prof. Dr. Şerife Eyüpoğlu, University of Kyrenia Faculty Member Assist. Prof. Dr. Mutlu Soykurt, Near East University Faculty of Dentistry Deputy Dean Sevcan Kurtulmuş Yılmaz, Özay Günsel Children’s University General Secretary Duygu Kaptanoğlu Coşkun, Businesswomen’s Association President Fatma Özok, Turkish Cypriot Women’s Council Association President Remziye Taneri, Turkish Cypriot Women’s Council Famagusta Branch President Sevinç Boztuna, Denkay Başel Foundation President Barış Başel, Cyprus Speech and Hearing Impaired Foundation President Bahire Coşkuner Doğru, Sakarya Entrepreneurial Women Association President Nagihan Aygün, and Sakarya Entrepreneurial Women Association Vice President Melek Müftüoğlu.

The session chairs of the symposium were Head of Near East University Social Research and Development Center Prof. Dr. Zehra Altınay Gazi, Vice President of Near East University Social Research and Development Center Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altınay Aksal and University of Kyrenia Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Gökmen Dağlı.

During the symposium, a bazaar was also organized for the benefit of Kemal Saraçoğlu Children with Leukemia and Fight Against Cancer Foundation. At the end of the symposium, a cooperation protocol was signed between Near East University Social Research and Development Center and Sakarya Entrepreneurial Women Association.

Many issues that form the basis of sustainable development were discussed!
Making the opening speeches of the symposium, Prof. Dr. Gökmen Dağlı emphasized inter-institutional cooperation and the responsibilities of universities to serve the society and Prof. Dr. Zehra Altınay emphasized that the Center pioneers social projects and issues with team spirit.

In the first panel, the issues of women, children and disability were discussed and concrete examples of these issues in social life were included. In the panel, Barış Başel, as the President of the Denkay Başel Foundation, drew attention to the importance of social service covering all age groups. Bahire Coşkuner Doğru, President of the Cyprus Speech and Hearing Impaired Foundation expressed the control on disability, the definition of disabled, the importance of cooperation and the projects of the foundation. Özay Günsel Children’s University Secretary General Duygu Kaptanoğlu Coşkun pointed out that children and future projects are promising for all the problems experienced.

In the second panel, concrete examples of corporate cooperation in line with quality life and sustainable development goals were shared. University of Kyrenia Refreshment University Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emete Toros talked about the missions of the university and its achievements within the scope of social responsibility. Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altınay shared concrete examples of sustainable development goals in her speech.

Among the invited speakers, University of Kyrenia Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Bundak offered solutions for the future of society regarding public health and children. Another invited speaker, Police Inspector Emin Atabek, gave information about substance addiction and public health. All speakers were presented with handmade ceramics and women’s handmade trays made by Famagusta Special Education School students.