Important Announcement by University of Kyrenia Rectorate for Our Students
Date Added: 14 March 2020, 13:18


  1. Regarding the coronavirus precautions, the Council of Ministers of the TRNC has announced that employees in the private sector will be on leave until 27th of March. Also, the private businesses will be closed, except for markets selling basic food products, pharmacies, and petroleum stations.
  2. All government staff (except police, health workers, civil aviation, finance and essential personnel) will be on administrative leave until March 27.
  3. Universities will also remain closed until March 27th.
  4. No one will be allowed entry into the country unless they have a valid residence permit or are citizens of the TRNC. And anyone coming from abroad (including the South of Cyprus) will be subject to the 14-day home quarantine rule. Non-compliance will be subject to prosecution under the law on infectious diseases (that prescribes fines and/or imprisonment).
  5. Travel restriction is up until April 1st.
  6. No meetings of any kind, including religious/spiritual gatherings until April 1. It is also prohibited to convene in associations, clubhouses and other similar places. Casinos , night clubs, bet offices and other places of entertainment will be closed until 27th of March.