Foundation English Programme 2020-2021 Fall Term Grades
Date Added: 15 January 2021, 17:09
Last Updated Date:21 January 2021, 14:40

S: Satisfactory

I: Incomplete

** If your grade is I (incomplete), you are required to do an Online Intensive English Course.

The online intensive English course begins on 18.01.2020 and ends on 29.01.2020.

You are required to enrol yourself for the course on Uzem.

Steps to be followed:

  • Uzem
  • Site Home
  • Course Categories
  • 2020-2021 Fall Semester
  • Foundation English Programme

Intensive English Course Level 1 (for Level 1 Students)

Intensive English Course Level 2 (for Level 2 Students)

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Number Grade
K20190036 I
K20190043 I
K20190799 I
K20190854 I
K20200003 I
K20200009 I
K20200020 I
K20200023 S
K20200032 S
K20200041 S
K20200043 S
K20200050 S
K20200052 I
K20200059 I
K20200065 S
K20200074 S
K20200077 S
K20200087 S
K20200100 S
K20200103 S
K20200108 S
K20200109 S
K20200134 S
K20200139 S
K20200155 S
K20200168 I
K20200174 I
K20200175 I
K20200177 S
K20200204 S
K20200218 I
K20200222 I
K20200239 S
K20200240 I
K20200243 S
K20200261 S
K20200267 S
K20200270 S
K20200278 S
K20200279 S
K20200290 I
K20200291 S
K20200319 S
K20200330 S
K20200336 S
K20200339 S
K20200345 S
K20200348 I
K20200351 S
K20200352 S
K20200358 S
K20200360 I
K20200365 I
K20200384 S
K20200397 S
K20200402 I
K20200404 S
K20200406 I
K20200422 S
K20200423 S
K20200428 S
K20200429 I
K20200442 I
K20200445 I
K20200450 I
K20200454 I
K20200459 I
K20200460 I
K20200464 S
K20200466 I
K20200469 S
K20200473 S
K20200480 S
K20200481 I
K20200486 S
K20200492 S
K20200493 S
K20200494 S
K20200500 S
K20200503 S
K20200509 S
K20200510 I
K20200515 I
K20200521 S
K20200535 S
K20200536 I
K20200539 I
K20200556 S
K20200564 S
K20200572 S
K20200576 S
K20200579 S
K20200586 S
K20200591 I
K20200601 S
K20200609 S
K20200614 I
K20200629 S
K20200630 I
K20200651 I
K20200665 I
K20200666 I
K20200670 I
K20200687 S
K20200688 S
K20200692 S
K20200702 S
K20200709 S
K20200718 I
K20200721 I
K20200722 S
K20200723 I
K20200734 I
K20200755 I
K20200756 I
K20200757 S
K20200761 S
K20200769 I
K20200774 I
K20200790 I
K20200817 I
K20200827 I
K20200831 S
K20200834 S
K20200836 I
K20200863 I
K20200868 I
K20200900 S
K20200938 I
K20200943 I
K20200944 I
K20200945 I
K20200946 I
K20200947 I
K20200948 I
K20200949 I
K20200950 I
K20200957 I
K20200958 I
K20201015 I
K20201016 I
K20201032 I
K20201034 I
K20201044 I
K20201067 I
K20201070 I
K20201073 I
K20201077 I
K20201078 I
K20201080 I
K20201081 I
K20201095 I
K20201107 I
K20201110 I
K20201120 I
K20201122 I
K20201128 I
K20201129 I
K20201130 I
K20201133 I
K20201134 I
K20201149 I