FoMS – MVS – MA Faculty Board Meeting Decisions
Date Added: 25 April 2020, 14:23

Faculty of Maritime Studies, Maritime Vocational School and Maritime Academy Faculty Board of Directors gathered at 12:00 on 24/04/2020.

  1. The midterms scheduled for the spring semester 2019/2020 will be held between 27- 30 April 2020,
  2. To make the 2019/2020 spring semester midterms multiple choice or short explanation through the UZEM/Moodle system,
  3. Students can take the exam again in the form of valid excuses,
  4. Effective determination of the 2019/2020 Spring semester midterms to 10%,
  5. Grading on Einstein system will be based on online mid-term exam results,
  6. The dates and times of the midterms are held during the course hours and to prevent conflicts,
  7. It has been unanimously decided that the midterm deadlines and times will be announced via from all possible communication channels (UZEM, WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.).