English Proficiency Exam Results – University of Kyrenia
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English Proficiency Exam Results

S: Satistactory
U: Unsatisfactory
I: Incomplete
EX: Exempt
NA: Not Applicable

The students with the grades NA or U may attend the Summer School Programme.

Number Grade
K20170231 S
K20170293 NA
K20170499 NA
K20170557 U
K20170572 NA
K20170641 S
K20180020 S
K20180040 NA
K20180048 U
K20180105 S
K20180144 NA
K20180231 NA
K20180237 S
K20180292 S
K20180303 NA
K20180315 U
K20180320 S
K20180322 U
K20180357 U
K20180394 S
K20180402 U
K20180419 U
K20180425 NA
K20180439 U
K20180446 NA
K20180536 NA
K20180538 NA
K20180557 NA
K20180574 NA
K20180590 NA
K20180597 S
K20180637 S
K20180644 S
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