Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College will be opened on Wednesday, May 26 with a ceremony to be held with the participation of President Ersin Tatar
Date Added: 24 May 2021, 08:00
Last Updated Date:25 May 2021, 14:04

The Near East Enterprises’ 43-year deep-rooted and qualified education approach meets the children of Kyrenia after Nicosia and Yeniboğaziçi. Bringing nursery, preschool, primary, secondary and high school together on the same campus, Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College will be opened on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 09:00 with a magnificent ceremony with the participation of President Ersin Tatar. Prime Minister Ersan Saner will also attend the ceremony.

Near East Enterprises offers lifelong education journey from kindergarten to university, bilingual education on social and safe campuses with the latest educational technologies, academically equipped with the third foreign language French, science, sports and arts studies, mastering foreign languages, and raise world citizens equipped with intellectual and creative thinking skills.

Registration continues for Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College…
With its innovative education model, technological infrastructure and highly qualified education staff, student registrations at Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College continue.

Registrations to Suat Günsel Kyrenia College can be carried out from the registration center located on campus. It is possible to get detailed information by calling 054 885 16511.

Bilingual education in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, the third language is French…
Foreign language education at Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College will start from the ground up. In Preschool, with the “Bilingual” education application carried out in cooperation with Cambridge University Press, Turkish and English lectures will be held simultaneously with a Turkish preschool teacher and a preschool teacher whose mother tongue is English. In order to introduce students to different cultures and languages at an early age, French is also included in the education curriculum as a second foreign language.

Our children start their education life with mindfulness, science workshops and values education…
Mindfulness studies have been made a part of the pre-school education curriculum at Suat Günsel Kyrenia College. Activities to strengthen the family-child bond will be organized with the Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop. In the science workshop, where science is made fun and popular, children will be introduced to new scientific concepts with workshop activities suitable for age groups. Robotic coding, information technologies and software courses are also given from the age of 3. In Preschool, where children will be best prepared for primary education, a literacy preparation program consisting of symbol studies, sound exercises and comprehension-expression studies will also be implemented gradually. “Values education” will also be included in the curriculum in order for children to recognize “basic values” such as love, respect, cooperation, peace, responsibility, sharing, patience and honesty during their academic development.

A comprehensive foreign language education from primary school to high school…
Foreign language education, which started at the pre-school section of Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College, will continue during the primary school education in cooperation with Cambridge University. With the Cambridge International Primary program, apart from English courses, mathematics, science and computer courses will also be taught in English. By combining English education with the mother tongue, by cooperating with other disciplines such as music, painting, physical education and art with properly structured language education, it will be ensured that children use Turkish as their mother tongue and speak English as much as their mother tongue. Students, who will be equipped with a solid English background, will also be offered French as a third language. German will be added to this option in the college section.

With its educational mission aiming to teach English at the highest level and being an internationally recognized and used EDEXCEL exam center, the doors of studying abroad will be opened to Kyrenia students. Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College will also prepare its students for exams such as IELTS, SAT and TOEFL, which are accepted all over the world and are necessary for studying abroad. Accredited by the International Cambridge Examination Center, Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia College offers the ILS (International Lower Secondary) computer exam curriculum of the International Cambridge Exam Center, which is one of the most prestigious exam centers that conduct IGCSE and A-Level exams also valid in Turkey, Cyprus and other countries, and implement the Science and Mathematics curriculum of Pearson-Edexcel exam centers.

A campus where the perception of life and social skills will be increased…
At Suat Günsel Kyrenia College, students will spend quality time at the sports halls, art workshops, music-orchestra workshops, painting, dance rooms, and an educational park. They will also find the opportunity to socialize with the activities they will participate individually or as a group.