Does Technology Make Life Easier? Facts and Future Vision
Date Added: 01 April 2024, 10:49
Last Updated Date:05 April 2024, 09:22

In cooperation with the Near East University Community Research and Development Centre, University of Kyrenia Continuing Education Centre’s GÜ 60+ Age Refreshment Programme and Beyarmudu Municipality, the event of bringing generations together with information was held on 28 March 2024, Thursday at Beyarmudu Municipality South Mesarya Conference Hall.

NEU faculty member Assoc Prof Dr Gülsüm Aşıksoy gave a seminar titled “Does Technology Make Life Easier? Realities and Future Vision”, followed by a dance performance by the students of the regional kindergarten and primary school. At the end of the event, the event was completed after eating the flavours prepared by GÜ 60+ Age Refreshment family members for the students accompanied by a chat.