Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, Cyprus Car Museum, Günsel Art Museum, Walled City Museum and Herbarium and Natural History Museum will be open to the public free of charge until the end of December
Date Added: 01 December 2020, 11:19

Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, Cyprus Car Museum, Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum established in the Museum Area of Near East University campus, and the Walled City Museum located at the Kyrenia Gate and Günsel Art Museum located in Dereboyu, will be visited free of charge until the end of December. The Walled City Museum accepts visitors between 9.30-17.00, 6 days a week, except Mondays. Other museums are open to the public between 10.00-17.00 on weekdays.

Spirit of the City in the City Museum …
The Walled City Museum, which opened at the Kyrenia Gate last month, includes oil and acrylic paintings, original prints, engraving, linoleum, serigraphy, lithography, woodcut paintings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics and rare artifacts. In the Walled City Museum many admirable works of a different style and period are exhibited together on each floor. In the inventory of the museum there are toy car collection consisting of more than 3 thousand pieces, samples of swords and knives, over 70 sculptures, paintings, objects related to maritime history, samples from the national history museum, copies of Karagöz, certificate, decree, Kadi registers of Nicosia, Ottoman artifacts such as carpets from the 17th century.

Modern artworks from the Turkic World await you
The Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, established on the Near East University campus, has been hosting exhibitions by artists from different countries since the day it was opened. In the museum, paintings consisting of acrylic, oil paint, spray paint, airbrush, mixed technique and drawing techniques, wood carving, marble-ceramic sculpture, clay shaping, metal sculpture and handmade hunting knives are exhibited. Especially, the acrylic handmade visual that depicts the historical and cultural details of the Turkic States on the ceiling of the museum entrance attracts attention.

GÜNSEL and art together…
Günsel Art Museum, which was established in the name of the domestic and national automobile of our country “GÜNSEL” and shared the same place with the “GÜNSEL Promotion Office” in Dereboyu, also includes oil and acrylic paintings, original prints, etching, linoleum, serigraphy, lithography, wood prints. sculptures and ceramics.

Past and Present of Automobile
Cyprus Car Museum, the only classic car museum in the country, is one of the most interesting museums on the Near East University Campus. With its rich collection, it reveals the development and history of the modern world through the transformation of automobiles. The oldest vehicle of the museum, where over 100 cars are exhibited, is the 1899 model Crestmobile. In addition to this vehicle, which is the only one in the world, automobiles from every period of 100-year history from the early 1900s to the 2000s take visitors into a time tunnel.

In the museum, where it is possible to follow the journeys of brands such as Mercedes, Ford, BMW and Ferrari, which are the fixtures of the automobile world, from the first models to the present day, the last remaining examples of the first cars produced in the world are exhibited. In addition to classic vehicles such as the 1899 Model Crestmobile, 1903 Wolseley and 1909 Buick, the first mass-produced automobile exceeding the 300 km speed limit, many legendary sports cars such as Jaguar, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, Dodge Viper SRT10 Final Edition attract great attention in the car collection.

More than 20 thousand plants and living specimens…
The Herbarium and Natural History Museum, where 11 thousand different plant samples of 1500-1600 plant species available in Cyprus, fungi, insect species, various reptile species, marine creatures and materials related to Cyprus geology are also waiting for its visitors.

In the museum, which is located in the Near East University Faculty of Pharmacy building and includes 140 species specific to Cyprus and 19 species of plants grown in the Beşparmak (Pentadactylos) Mountains specific to Northern Cyprus, there are 106 types of mushroom groups belonging to 3 different groups, 250 algae, 23 reptile species, insect collections belonging to different taxonomic groups, and examples of 250 million-year-old limestones and 220 million fossilized trees of the Beşparmak mountain range.