‘COVID-19’ inspired artworks made for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts received award in South Korea
Date Added: 26 December 2020, 19:38

Near East University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Graphic Design Department lecturer Dr. Gökhan Okur’s works on COVID-19, which he made for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts during the pandemic period, received award at the “Bio-Art Competition” held in South Korea.

At the 8th contest organized by Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center (Biocon) and Seoulin BioScience with the theme “Virus and Human”, Dr. Gökhan Okur’s print painting named “Corona Fish” was deemed worthy of the jury special award, and his digital illustration named “Covid-19 Jail” was deemed worthy of exhibition.

Collaboration of Art and Science
Bio-Art Competition, a cultural event that aims to combine art with science, takes place in four categories: digital photography, microscope photography, computer graphics and video clips.

The organization, which advocates that the international community should cooperate more than ever before against the COVID-19 that surrounds the whole world, determined the theme of the 8th Bio-Art Competition as “Virus and Human”.

Dr. Gökhan Okur: “In my works, I explained that people should live in harmony with all other beings.”
Receiving an award at the “Bio-Art Contest” held in South Korea with his two works, Dr. Gökhan Okur emphasized that the Near East University continued its artistic studies during the pandemic period, and said that COVID-19 themed exhibitions were offered to art lovers during this period. Dr. Okur said that he was pleased that the works he produced for the exhibitions with the theme of “COVID-19” held by the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts were awarded by an organization combining science and art and shared with large masses. Dr. Gökhan Okur said, “In my works, I explained that people should live in harmony with all other beings as a part of life”.