Covid-19 Diaries – Prof. Dr. Güler Ozkula
Date Added: 05 May 2020, 13:25

Everything has changed with the SARS-2 CoV-2 entering our lives. Some of us has become carriers, some of us are sick, some of us have lost loved ones and others their job, some of us worked from home and some of us are continuing their education from home. On one hand our lives confined within four walls. On the other hand mankind could not fit in itself. Some of us have observed that we are unable to be alone, to accept and endure oneself. On the one hand, those who saw a virus-detected person enter a crowded place and spit around, also saw the evil within the human.

We have also witnessed the increase in domestic violence during the days of isolation, that the concept of modern women is just an illusion. We have also witnessed that the nature has started to recover and change whilst we are closed indoors, we have learned how badly we treat our environment.

Besides all this, we have also remembered that being able to touch each other’s hearts was through solidarity. Some of us have decided to continue their journey by realizing that we are responsible for others as much as we are for ourselves. We have also realized that the only way to continue to exist is to unite. Just like the poet Nazım Hikmet has stated: ‘’To live like a tree alone and free. To live like a forest in brotherhood’’