Continuing Education Center

University of Kyrenia Continuing Education Center was established to provide short-term training to participants of all ages as part of University’s mission to contribute to the development of our island and the city of Kyrenia, the heart of our island with education.

The main goal of the Continuing Education Center is to offer short term training programs at international standards to any participant who would like to develop personally or professionally.

In line with this purpose, as we continue our education activities with the lifelong and continuous education philosophy, we do not only convey just the knowledge and skills of the educator to the participants through our training programs. We also allow participants to share their own life experiences, knowledge and skills by providing an interactive educational environment.

We live in a century where our social and professional lives encourages us to constantly improve ourselves. As the Continuing Education Center we support the personal and professional development of our participants with our goal oriented training programs created by our expert staff of University of Kyrenia. We use the required methods, theoretical, technology and educational techniques for each age group. We also offer qualified educational support to the highest level for all individuals, institutions and organizations who would like to improve and renew their careers, services and products.

In our short-term training programs we ensure our students to develop their own abilities and skills. We contribute to increase the organizational development and efficiency of our institutions and organizations through in-service training’s we offer for institutions. We provide continuing education programs to everyone who is interested, that will facilitate their daily lives and that will allow you to look at the world from different perspectives.

We design and create new programs with the feedback we receive from every participant every year in order to adopt lifelong education in Cyprus.

We believe that we will rebuild the future for our society and the world with you and education.
We hope to meet with you in our Continuing Education programs this year.

Assoc. Prof. Umut KOLDAŞ
Continuing Education Center, Director

Amateur Seafarer License Course

Language School

School of Sailing and Water Sports
School of Aviation

Department of Paragliding:
Persons who wish to obtain a paragliding certificate must be over 18 years of age. Course participants are given theoretical courses and ground training for a week period and then carry out 7 flights during two days. Those who complete this course successfully are entitled to obtain a paragliding certificate.

Department of Motor Hang-Glider:
The participants of this course must be over 18 years of age. The participants are required to attend a 50 hours theoretical ground course and 25 hours flight training courses.

Department of Model Aircraft:
The participants of this course must be 11 years of age or above. The participants firstly attend to the Beginners Course, which is on the basics of model aircraft course, and undertake a worskshop which is about 15 hours in total during 5 days, and upon copletion of this course, gain the right to be conferred upon a “beginners certificate”. Those who complete the course successfully may wish to make more progress on this training and can attend to courses of counselling and teaching, and in the following years can further attend to radio courses and gain the skills and experience of flying with gliders.

Department of Aircraft:
Students who attend the courses of the Department of Aircraft can attend to flight programmes suchs as PPL, CPL and ATPL and upon successful completion of the course, can obtain flight certificates. (These programs will start when the preparation process will be completed )