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Energy research results of University of Kyrenia revealed

According to press info released by Press and Public Relations Directorate of University of Kyrenia, Energy Research Team of University of Kyrenia added new data to findings of research that has been carried out on alternative energy resources that can help to meet the needs of growing energy demand of our country. The Research Team of University of Kyrenia has revealed that the growing demand to energy in our country, due to the geographic location of our country, can be well met by alternative energy sources such as the naturally available wind energy, instead of using fossil origined energy sources which are quite expensive, and such kind of natural energy is much more economical in the medium and long term.

According to information provided by the Research Team of University of Kyrenia, the harm given to ecosystem by the fossil origined energy sources, which also are quite expensive, reached to unrecoverable level. On the other hand, the changing climate conditions caused to great changes especially in wind and sun origined energy amounts.

The data obtained throughout the last decade revealed that the wind origined energy power of the world countries reached up to 152,000 MW by 2009, whereas it was 18,039 MW in 2000, and the amount of energy power produced by wind dramatically continued to increase and reached to 260,000 MW in 2012. Also, the costs of wind turbines that are used to produce electric energy from wind energy decreased 50% within the last 15 years. The electric production power of some wind turbines such as Enercon E-126 has reached up to 7.58 MW and scientists are studying to improve the wind turbine that has the capacity to produce 10 MW. Developed countries such as Germany, Norway, Denmark, USA, Japan and France are focusing on wind energy as it is regarded as a quite cheap alternative energy source. Denmark is already producing 20% of its energy needs from sun and wind origined energy sources.

The Research Team of University of Kyrenia pointed out that according to the norms and standards of the European Union, there is an obligation that at least 13% of the energy used within the country must be produced from the sustainable energy sources.

According to data obtained from the research, although the prices of electric energy is varying for some reasons, the average value is 0,17€ for per 1 kWh. The findings of the research revealed that getting energy from wind power is a very cost effective investment and the cost of the electric energy produced by wind energy is between 0,015 and 0,017€ for per kWh.

According to land analysis and results of data obtained throughout the analysis process, the most appropriate places to locate the vertical or horizontal wind turbines in accordance with the wind types and wind direction are peaks at the West and East ends of Pentadactylos Mountains as well as the East end of Carpasia Peninsula and Cape Kormakitis which take strong East, West, North and North-West winds throughout all seasons of the year. The results of the North Cyprus Wind Energy Potentials Project showed that deploying high capacity wind turbines to these locations will supply a considerable amount of electric energy to our country for a much cheaper cost and for a much longer period than that of the fossil origined energy sources.

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