Recent Developments in Aviation Security

01 DECEMBER 2016
University of Kyrenia

Time Activity Remarks
13:00-13:09 Opening Rector of the University of Kyrenia
Prof Dr İlkay Salihoğlu
13:10-13:19 Administrative Remarks Asst Prof Cengiz Mesut Bükeç
13:20-13:59 Conference-1
up-to-date information for Aviation in TRNC
[Keynote Speech]
KKTC Sivil Havacılık Dairesi representative
14:00-14:19 Coffee Break
14:20-16:50 Session-2 conference-2:
Security Considerations in
Air Traffic Management conference-3:
air law considerations in
the use of power against air threats conference-4:
recent developments in UAV regulations panel
discussing security of air on a generic scenario
Uğur Turhan, PhD Cengiz Mesut Bükeç, PhD Reşat Volkan Günel, PhD moderator: Reşat Volkan Günel, PhD