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Faculty of Law

Dear students, the most distinguished lawyers of the future,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Law of University of Kyrenia. Here, at one of the most advanced universities of the Eastern Mediterranean geography, we aim to train the most distinguished lawyers of the future, equipped with a strong and firm commitment to law. You are about to take a step towards the most intellectually challenging and the most rewarding educational experience of your life. It is a source of happiness to be together with you under the roof of our faculty.

You will find a friendly learning environment at the University of Kyrenia Faculty of Law. In this friendly environment, you will find all possibilities required for a thorough and quality law education. What’s more, you will feel the privilege of being a student at the University of Kyrenia. Your classmates are students from across the country and around the world. The diversity of the students creates a unique classroom environment. That environment is supported by faculty members who are outstanding lawyers and who are known, nationally and internationally, as outstanding scholars in their fields. Unlike many other law faculties, our teaching staff is open and accessible to students and truly committed to teaching, both in and out of the classroom.

Faculty of Law is one of the most outstanding faculties of our university. The fundamental objective is not only to produce first caliber competent lawyers, judges, prosecutors, notaries, academics and legal advisors but also to add value and shape to the future of our country. In our era where information is worth gold, we aim to ensure the most efficient use of information by organizing many activities such as conferences, panels, symposia, congresses and virtual legal cases and pave the way for our students to achieve a cutting edge career compared to others.

As the University of Kyrenia Faculty of Law, our aim remains to achieve excellence in educating students, serving the public and fostering justice. Since lawyers are the pillars of justice system, we aspire to equip our students with the most comprehensive knowledge, skills, values and perspective required to produce highly sought-after graduates who keep human rights forefront, protect the rule of law, evaluate and solve legal disputes in the scales of justice, and are aware of their social and ethical responsibilities and capable to sense and interpret the developments in the world, express their ideas freely, carry out research on scientific basis, think creatively and display leadership and critical thinking abilities with a high level of accomplishment and commitment to the highest ideals of their professions. To this end, our curriculum is designed within this objective to provide our students with the core competencies essential to embark on the practice of law.

I hope you will take full advantage of our distinguished education facilities and will always be proud of being a member of the world class University of Kyrenia. On behalf of my faculty, I congratulate all of you and wish ultimate success in your education life.

Prof. Dr. Yıldırım ULER
Dean of Faculty of Law

The medium of instruction is in Turkish for the programs in Faculty of Law.

For further information about the programs, please use the link given below.


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