Assoc. Prof. Gözen ELKIRAN – University of Kyrenia
+90 392 650 26 00

Assoc. Prof. Gözen ELKIRAN

I was born in 1966 in Erenkoy Village of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. I completed my high school studies at Erenkoy Lycee with the highest honor in 1984. I obtained the bachelor degree in 1990 and the masters degree in 1993 from Dokuz Eylul University. During the studies of my MA program, I worked as a project civil engineer for two years at Barma Construction Company, Izmir. After completion of military service in 1995, I worked as a site civil engineer for the Haci Ali Construction Company for one year. Soon after that, employed as a lecturer and senior lecturer, then Asst. Prof. Dr. and currently as an Assoc. Prof. Dr. at the Civil Engineering Eepartment of the European University of Lefke between 1996 and 2011. During this period published over 20 articles, papers and books. My main research field is water resources planning and management of TRNC which is experiencing water scarcity very enormously. In the mean time, appointed as the head of Department of Civil Engineering of EUL and re-established the department and masters program curriculum, and founded fluid mechanics laboratory and arranged academic facilities. Since 2006, is a member and reviewer in many scientific committees and few journals. Organized, many international and national symposiums and conferences. During the academic period of my career life I also was actively engaged in the preparation of the structural design plans of many complex buildings.

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