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Distance Learning Center

Distance Education has become a frequently used and preferred teaching model compared to the past years. Problems related to time and place provided by information and communication technologies are being solved and the quality of distance learning is developing together with the developing technology. Increased need for education throughout the world is increasing the demand for distance education along with lifelong learning and convenient technologies, which eliminates time and geographical constraints.

The Distance Learning Center of University of Kyrenia, established with the goal of meeting the demands of distance education, aims to increase the quality of education and training given to students with the aid of technology and also to ensure students learn within a desired time frame and place.

University of Kyrenia, Distance Learning Center, provides three (3) courses for all the programs. These courses include Ataturk’s Principles and Revolution History, Turkish Language and English lessons. For each course a Fourteen (14) week training session is provided. Following a seven (7) week training students take a mid term exam and at the end of the fourteen (14) week course students take a final exam in order to measure their knowledge.

For further detailed information about the University of Kyrenia Distance Learning Center (DLC) and courses please check the following link uzem.kyrenia.edu.tr

Coordinators of DLC

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